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Develop ground breaking commerical software and educational products to enhance the productivity of eCommerce professionals and the profitability of the firms that employ them.


Windrose Software was formed the 4th quarter 2001 as an Oregon dba of the Windrose Family Limited Partnership, a family owned and operated research and development company founded in 1999. The firm launched its first product (OptiLink) in May of 2002 and has been profitable every month since June of the same year.


The broad category of "eCommerce professionals" includes individuals and firms that:

Approximately 30% of the firm's customers are professional SEO/SEM firms. The remaining customers are evenly split between smaller organizations involved in affiliate marketing and more substantial firms doing direct marketing of their own products.

The firm's products are 100% electronically delivered and available for ordering every hour of the day, every day of the year, resulting in a truly global customer base. There are OptiLink and OptiSpider customers on every continent (save Antarctica) and in nearly every single timezone not solidly filled by ocean. Precise statistics vary, but roughly a quarter of all sales are non-domestic.

Products and Services

OptiLink™ is a program to assist in the development of "top ranking" at the major search engines. This was the firm's first program and widely heralded as ushering in a new era in SEO technique and technology. Since copied by one competitor, it still remains the "best of breed", having continuely advanced the category that it defined. Introduced May 22, 2002, it continues to sell well.

The firm's second software product, OptiSpider™, assists customers with the devleopment of "search engine friendly" websites. This tool resulted from the firm's research and experience with consulting clients that illustrated that a large percentage of search engine ranking problems were tracable to poor internal design. OptiSpider provides a new and unique "search-centric" view of a customer's website that highlights key of problems and opportunities in site design for good search engine ranking. OptiSpider was made available to OptiLink customers in October of 2003 and was made publically available November 2004.

Dynamic Linking™ names an eBook and a site design strategy pioneered by the firm's technical director, Leslie Rohde. The eBook was published in cooperation with our very first marketing partner, Dynamic Media Corporation of Vancouver Canada.

The firm does a limited amount of one-on-one consulting with clients to assist in website linking design and search engine ranking analysis. These engagements are always entered "firm fixed price" bid at an hourly rate of $300 with a typical job bid at two to four hours. These services are provided on as-available basis and are never allowed to comprise more than 10% of the firm's quarterly revenue. The primary mission remains the development of widely deployable products, rather than the development of a service business.

Principals and Staff

Leslie Rohde - General Partner, Director of Technology.
Gregory Rohde - General Partner, Director of Finance.
Jane Rohde - Partner, Communications.
Jessica Pechin - Partner, Graphic Design.
Garrett Rohde - Partner, IT Support.

Significant Afffiliations

The company's products are sold through a in cooperation with a network of several hundred marketing partners that read like a "who's who" of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Too numerous to list, a sample of the more recognizable names in this industry is provided here.

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The firm currently leases space in Hillsboro Oregon. A purchase of expanded facilities is expected during 2005.

Contact Information

Mailing address:
Windrose Software
822 NW Murrary Blvd. #127
Portland, Oregon 97229

Headquarters location:
Windrose Family Limited Partnership
1001 NW 206th Av.
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

Phone: 877-474-3633
Facsimile: 503-914-0478